Tree Treatments

Tree Pest Control Treatments:

Common insects such as aphids, mites, box elder bugs, and elm beetles can damage your once healthy tree and shrubs. We can do a foliar treatment or systemic treatment depending on the time of year.

Tree Fertilization:

Fertilization is completed in the spring and fall to increase the health and nutrients of your trees and shrubs. It is important to fertilize your yard to help combat the Nevada heat and keep your yard healthy.

Fruit Trees: 

Pest management is an important aspect of growing fruit trees and timing is key. A dormant oil can be used to prevent pests when the tree is dormant usually around December – January. The oil smothers the pest and eggs before they hatch. This method is easy to use and considered an organic approach.

Fruit Eliminator: 

We can treat trees to reduce or eliminate any undesirable fruit on ornamental trees and shrubs. Application must be prior to any fruiting and must be applied at the mid – full bloom stage. 

Progressive Pest Management can treat your trees to have them healthy and looking their best. Call us today to have our experienced and licensed technicians evaluate your trees and recommend the best treatment option for you.

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